Supernatural Experiences
A family friend named Mrs. Budek came to my home periodically from when I was about seven years of age and into my middle 20’s, and accurately outlined my entire future, telling me in fine detail what I’d be doing before these different events took place. It was like she was on a special mission to guide and protect me so that I could fulfill my purpose in life. Amazingly, she was 100% accurate and she was never wrong! She made over twenty predictions over 60 years ago, and they all came out—or are about to come out. I believe she was my guardian angel.
 Fulfilling only eight predictions is scientifically and mathematically calculated to be one chance in ten to the seventieth power! That’s a one with seventeen zeros after it. It would be like marking a coin, putting it into a pile of coins over two feet covering the entire State of Texas, and finding that marked coin on the first try! We can all agree that from a secular point of view, this is impossible—yet it happened with at least twenty predictions, and she was 100% accurate and never wrong.
Here are a few examples of her predictions:
1) She urged my mother to tell her brother that his third born child was sick and needed immediate medical attention or she would die, and that my mother would hear about her illness from a friend by phone if she did not tell him. My mother didn’t believe her and disregarded her warning, and that fatal telephone call came from a friend regarding her illness. Her niece had tuberculosis, and it was too far advanced by then and she died. My mother often lamented how she could have saved her niece’s life had she only listened and spoke up. However, from that time on whenever Mrs. Budek spoke, we all listened.  
2) She cautioned me to be careful as I entered an alley on my bike that had garages on both sides, creating a blind spot, or I’d be struck by a car. A few days later, I approached an alley exactly as she described. I cautiously slowed down and ran into a speeding car. I could have been killed had I not listened. How could she have known to caution me just days before?
3) She said we’d have a holdup in our grocery store by two men wearing Russian furs hats. She said they were extremely dangerous and not to do anything to alarm them. She described how they would look and even quoted what one of them would say to my mother. As they were leaving, one of them removed a bullet from his gun, placed it in the palm of his hand, and told my mother, “Just want to show you that we mean business.” These were the exact same words she predicted the gunmen would use. 
4) She cautioned my mother to not chase a large dog away from the doorstep of our grocery store or we’d regret it. We chased a large German Sheppard dog away and we had a holdup shortly afterward.
5) She said I’d face a very dangerous marine incident and that I should be extremely careful when it happens. She was very protective of me and mentioned it several times. I was fishing one day when suddenly some high winds nearly capsized my boat. I was having motor troubles as well and if it stalled I would not have survived. I barely made it to shore. 
6) She said I’d leave the school I was currently attending to become an optometrist after being urged by a man in a white uniform to switch schools. She said I’d do all right as an optometrist but that I’d do much better if I changed professions. It happened exactly as she said. I switched colleges and became a chiropractor. But how could she know this way back then?
7) She said I’d write a book and become in her words “very famous.” I sued the AMA and, thanks to a great lawyer and modern-day hero named George McAndrews, we won a landmark antitrust lawsuit, and I became very well known in the profession. I was voted as one of the three most respected chiropractors in America and received dozens of professional awards. I wrote a book about my lawsuit entitled Medicine, Monopolies and Malice. The lawsuit and courtroom drama was so dramatic that it could make a great motion picture someday. It was more dramatic than any John Grisham novel. This was predicted by her 30 years before it happened! From a secular point of view, it’s impossible—yet it happened! By the way, I’d rather have my wife and family back, but it wasn’t meant to be. The Good Lord had other plans for me and my family, and this is why I was given all of this information so far in advance! And you can be sure I wasn’t given all of this information without a reason. The reason was to write this book and inform the world with its message. This came to me from a Higher Power, which is God. No human could possibly do this.
8) She said my wife would abandon me and all three of my daughters would turn against me. She predicted this over 50 years ago to my mother and sister. When I first heard about it I disregarded it as being impossible because my wife was a Christian and I’d never give her a reason to leave me. Indeed, she not only left me without a cause but my daughters all turned against me for no valid reason. I was told this in advance so I could make this case as to how the devil can manipulate people as in the case of my own family.
9) My nephew was often told how he’d receive a great deal of money after he became much older but he scoffed at her prediction as being silly. He’d get angry when they told him this. It hasn’t happened yet, but he stands to receive millions of dollars. He now shakes his head with disbelief and says: “It’s mind boggling, but how could she know?” That’s the point I’m making here; she was never wrong and how could she know? She had to be my guardian angel. It proves there is a Higher Power which is God and that He is using me and my family for a special purpose. 
10) She said that I would write another book which contains Information other than chiropractic and that I’d become in her words “more famous.” My latest book has expanded its interest beyond chiropractic. It is entitled, “The Devil’s Intervention into Healthcare, Politics, Churches, Courts, Families.” I believe her next predictions will be fulfilled by this book! 
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